A fully-scripted four-week worship series for churches

drawing on the movie It's a Wonderful Life

and the book, Integrating Money and Meaning

Using the classic film "It’s a Wonderful Life" as a springboard of discussion on how money affects each of us in different ways, this four-week worship series helps us look squarely in the face of our "money issues" with mindfulness and compassion. In this way we can learn how to find more depth of meaning, healing, and wholeness, as well as a fresh outlook on what constitutes "A Wonder-Full Life."

• Four fully-scripted worship experiences

(adaptable for your context and style of worship)

Original song (score, lead sheet and recording)

Visual and media ideas

• Sermon notes for every service

• Scripts for children's time

• Small group and individual devotion materials

• Bonus materials about stewardship (coming soon)

• Get-Ready Webinar with Dr. Marcia McFee and guests

The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, starts with God making arrangements to send an angel to assist George Bailey, who finds himself in a financial and spiritual crisis:

God: “There’s a man down on earth that needs our help.” 

Clarence, the Angel: “Is he sick?”

God: “No, worse, he’s discouraged.”

Like George Bailey, we sometimes need some help in the midst of the discouragement that can come with our fear about money. In this worship series, we "look back" (Week One) on the origins of our fears with a practice of compassion for ourselves and others and a faith that reminds us of our true worth. We "look in" (Week Two) and find out what courageous vision can help form our new spiritual practices related to money. We "look out" (Week Three) to see how God is calling us to offer our resources–money, time, and passion. And we "look with gratitude" (Week Four) as we move forward into that vision with a renewed sense of abundance.

While this series is focused on our relationship with money, it does not have to be related to a "stewardship campaign" although you might consider this!

This series can be done any time of year, but could be timed in November to have the last week coincide with the Sunday before Thanksgiving, making it a perfect compliment to that holiday and as a lead-up to Advent.

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about the content of the worship series!

Dr. Marcia McFee has been known for creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship for over 20 years. In her Worship Design Studio online coaching website, subscribers have access to 11+ years of worship series with ideas for every Sunday, designed specifically for mainline Protestant churches with a variety of worship styles.

These fully-scripted worship series have become the "go-to" for churches across the country. They come complete with prayers, litanies, communion liturgy, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), original music, leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual and media elements–all adaptable for your context.


Not only does Dr. McFee design these series, she also wants to help you learn about the design concepts she implements that have proven to be ways to enhance worship no matter your church's size or style of worship. Every fully-scripted series comes with a "Get-Ready Webinar" where you can come on live or watch the recording in order to get help for implementing our suggestions and also adapting for your context. This series' webinar took place on September 5th and features a conversation with Maggie Kulyk and Liz McGeachy, authors of the book that inspired the series. Watch the webinar recording to learn more about their experience with working in the finance business while also leading their clients in a journey of connecting their money practices with spiritual practices. Here are some timestamps to help you what happens during the webinar:

2:05 -- Marcia speaks with the authors of the book that inspired the series!

Maggie Kulyk tells us about her story that birthed the book

11:15 -- Liz McGeachy talks about the small group materials

25:56 -- Marcia gives an overview of the worship series

28:40 -- Sensory-rich worship and using all the worship arts!

31:00 -- Threads and threshold moment specific to this series

39:15 -- Description of scripts and supplemental materials

55:30 -- Q&A Time

Friends, I'm excited about sharing this series with you that has helped me see my own "money issues" as part of my spiritual journey. As usual, I'll be doing a "get-ready" webinar so I can talk to you about how to easily prep this series and answer any of your questions. AND the webinar will include conversations with the authors of the book that inspired this series! I hope to see you there... I always love to meet you!

Peace and Passion, Dr. Marcia McFee

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